In pictures: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid visits Creative Governments Exhibition

Sheikh Mohammed toured the exhibition, which houses 13 government innovations from 12 countries around the world. The exhibition highlights a number of unique governmental experiences.
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During his visit, Sheikh Mohammed said: “The World Government Summit has successfully been transformed into a global platform for innovation that embraces\ntalents and inspires governments to harness science and technology to serve the humanity. Innovation in government is not an intellectual or administrative luxury or even a propaganda. It is the secret of governments’ existence and renewal as well as the renaissance of people and prosperity of states”. (Image:
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“This exhibition sets a good example of how the utilization of science, innovation and creativeness can serve people and what the wise leadership can do when science, work and interests of citizens are the driving force towards the best,” Shaikh Mohammad added. (Image:
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The exhibition, as Shaikh Mohammad noted, cements the UAE’s position as a global reference for knowledge and science and as an incubator for innovations and creative works in all areas of government action. (Image:
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“When governments work based on innovation, its atmosphere will be based on innovation as well and when it encourages innovation and creative work, its people’s potential unleashes towards new ambitions;\ntheir talents are developed in harmony and the achievement of their dreams and aspirations become perfectly possible. This is the secret behind the success of countries that encourage their peoples to innovate,” he said. (Image:
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Shaikh Mohammad lauded the UAE government’s advanced system, saying that the main reason behind the government’s excellence is running the public institutions based on innovation, like private ones - institutions that compete with the private sector, operate in the same pattern, adopt the best practices and measure their services and activities as is being done by the private sector. (Image:
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Shaikh Mohammad was accompanied by UAE Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the Future and Chairman of the WGS Organization Mohammad Bin Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of State for Happiness Ohood bint Khalfan Al Roumi and Director General of Dubai Protocol Department Khalifa Saeed Sulaiman. (Image:
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