In pictures: Top 10 iOS and Android games

Looking for a new game to play? Check out these mobile games available on iOS and Android
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Sunless Sea: This survival game places you as captain of a steamer ship where you will need to work yourself up Captain of the High Sea, whilst fighting sea monsters. Available on iOS. (Image: Failbetter Games)
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Ninja Pizza Girl: The Ninja Pizza girl fights through obstacles which are challenging in her dad’s pizzeria and collects items along the way. Available on iOS. (Image: Disparity Games)
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Ticket to Earth: This game requires you to be strategic where you will plan attacks and utilise the colours to help you survive. Available on iOS. (Image: Robot Circus)
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Charming Keep: The idea is to build a range of shops and keep the princes out of danger. Available on iOS and Android. (Image: Mighty Games)
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Splitter Critters: The aim is to guide the critters to their flying saucer whilst overcoming obstacles and enemies along the way. Available on iOS and Android. (Image: RAC7)
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The Pavilion: The game lets you explore as you go along, eventually revealing how to solve different puzzles in each level. Available on iOS. (Image: Visiontrick Media)
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Causality: You will be required to navigate multiple astronauts around the board but must avoid crossing paths. Available on iOS and Android. (Image: Loju)
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Dungeon Rushers: The aim of the game is to explore the dungeons ad fighting off the bad guys, however you will need to unlock the characters. Available on iOS and Android. (Image: Mi-Clos Studio)
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Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze: This is an Australian period murder mystery show which you can now be a part of by solving the mysteries. (Image: Tin Man Games)
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Robot Unicorn Attack Forever: This is the third generation of the Robot Unicorn Attack Forever series where the aim is to complete challenges in exchange for currency that you trade for more unicorns. Available on iOS and Android. (Image: Adult Swim)
Tue 23 May 2017 12:11 PM GST
By Aasha Bodhani