In Pictures: Top 5 outdoor activities in the UAE

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1. Camp in Snoopy Island, Al Fujairah:

\nAfter a long tedious week of work, a therapeutic road trip and a camp site soaking in nature’s beauty might be exactly what you need. Snoopy Island resting right off the Indian Ocean, has a strategic location. The campsite is right on the beach with mountains as your backdrop.

\nSnorkeling is a must as there are small reef sharks to catch a glimpse of. Other water sports are available such as paddle boarding, banana boats, and donut rides, making it family-friendly.
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2. Zip-line through Jebel Jais:

\nVia Ferrata, UAE’s newest zip line is an activity to look out for. Not only a zip line but a workout and a stress reliever, it features three different levels of routes with a variation in difficulty. The easiest level features a four-hour regular hike to the zip line, while the middle one features a 3.5-hour hike with two over-hanging sections and the most difficult one features a 90-minute hike with steep ladders.

\nAll definitely worthwhile when you are hanging from the air, knowing you’re flying over the tallest mountain in the UAE.
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3. Kayak through the mangroves in Abu Dhabi:

\nAlong the coastal shoreline, lies UAE’s capturing Mangrove forest, locally known as Qurm. Kayaking through its mangrove trees is a hassle-free experience. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the adrenaline infused activities that the UAE usually offers, kayaking through the Mangrove and checking out the exotic marine life can be the most soothing of experiences. Look out for different fish species, turtles, sea snakes and sea birds.
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4. Visit Al Wadi Nature Reserve:

\nAl Wadi Nature Reserve is a 1235 acre protected area within Wadi Khadeja in Ras Al Khaimah. Visiting Al Wadi Nature Reserve will not only give pleasure to all your senses but have you feeling rewarded at the end of the day for being part of sustaining UAE’s wildlife. There can never be a dull moment at this reserve. A variety of activities are available for you to take part in such as archery, falconry, catch and release fishing, horse riding, camel caravan as well as fine dining options.
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5. Rent a mountain bike and explore Hatta’s bike trail:

\nAmateur to professionals easily enjoy this trail. Head out to Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Centre and rent out a bike to discover the curated trails in the midst of Hatta’s mountainous terrain. The bike trail offers four distinct route levels. New riders opt for the green routes while experienced ones opt for the black trails that require a greater variety of skill.
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By Alia Abouraya