In pictures: What trends to expect at CES 2017 covers the top themes which are expected to dominate the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas
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This week sees the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) come around again. Taking place from January 5-8, the conference will serve as a launchpad for all manner of consumer electronics devices, from wearables and robotics to connected-home products and artificial intelligence. As always, experimental products and particular themes will take centre stage. Click through to find out what will dominate this year’s event. (CES)
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Robots: Robots may takeover CES this year, from home assistants to ones for specifically for the gaming industry. However it is LG that has revealed that robots and artificial intelligence will be a key theme at CES and that it plans to unveil at least three robots. (Getty Images)
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Smartphones: Typically most phone announcements occur at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, however devices will still have a platform at the event. It is believed BlackBerry, Sony, LG, and Huawei may share some big news. (Getty Images)
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IoT/Security: IoT will be everywhere and embedded in most products, however with it fast evolving into every aspect of life, security or also known as the “Insecurity of Things” will be a popular talking point.
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TVs: TVs will be a hot topic at this year’s CES, with LCD, OLED or Quantum dot display being the core reason of discussion.
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Artificial Intelligence: AI and digital assistants are appearing everywhere, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home. Exhibitors are expected to demonstrate AI capabilities in various products, such as smartwatches, home entertainment systems and gardening tools. (Amazon)
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Despite 4G capabilities not reaching its full potential, 5G technology will be at the forefront of focus at this year’s CES. With the increase of emerging technologies, such as IoT, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence, fast and reliable connectivity is a key requirement for these technologies to succeed. (iStock)
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Connected cars: Vehicles are becoming more advanced in terms of technology, so it is no surprise that CES will be dedicating a number of conferences and stands to the automotive industry. Some start-up car companies are expected to showcase their models, as well as popular car makers, including Mercedes, Ford and Hyundai.
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Virtual Reality: There is already a number of VR headsets in the market, ranging from HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. The gaming industry is however working on developing enough VR content to keep gamers engaged. (Getty Images for Samsung)
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Wearables: This year CES features the Wearables Marketplace, showcasing smart fashion and jewellery to health and fitness wearables, with the latter dominating more.
Tue 03 Jan 2017 01:04 PM GST
By Aasha Bodhani