In Pictures: Zaha Hadid's The Opus on track

Masterminded by the late architect Zaha Hadid, The Opus mixed-use development in Dubai is shaping up, now in the most interesting ways, after nearly a decade of design and construction work
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Architect superstar Zaha Hadid has revealed plans for her first Dubai project – a building which appears to hover over the ground and dematerialise at night.
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The 93m Opus Tower in Business Bay, which is set to open in 2016, features a distinctive design that has a gap, called the void, through the middle of the structure allowing views of the surrounding area from each side.
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The mixed-use building – which has been likened by its designers to an ice cube left out in the Dubai sun - is set to be the home of the first ME by Melia hotel in the Middle East.
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The building seems to dematerialise at night.
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Its design sees two structures supported by a conventional system of slabs stacked vertically, serviced by one concentrated core. Hadid also designed interiors.
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There will be a total of 100 apartments in the tower.
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The bridge for the atrium level will be around 32m wide and will be installed in 7m x 4m sections – each weighing around 10 tonnes.
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The signature Hadid flowing designs feature in all rooms.
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The project features futuristic style fittings.
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The Opus project boasts over 4,300 curved and double-curved glazed panels for the void area alone.