Indian giant Bajaj Auto unveils ultra low-cost mini car

RE60 could be among world’s cheapest cars; to target commercial users, three-wheeled vehicle owners
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Managing Director of India's Bajaj Auto Rajiv Bajaj poses with newly launched vehicle - RE60 at a function in New Delhi on Jan 3 (AFP/Getty Images)
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Indian manufacturer Bajaj Auto has unveiled an ultra-low-cost car as its first foray into the four-wheel market, pitching the vehicle as a solution to urban pollution and congestion (AFP/Getty Images)
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Stressing the car's high fuel efficiency and low carbon dioxide emissions, but it did not release a price tag (AFP/Getty Images)
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Bajaj Auto Ltd launched its first-ever four-wheeled vehicle on Tuesday (AFP/Getty Images)
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The unveiling of the four-seater RE60 ended months of rumours that have buzzed around India's auto industry on the nature of the vehicle, which promises low carbon emissions and fuel efficiency (AFP/Getty Images)
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The vehicle resembles an over-sized hatchback with an elevated roof (AFP/Getty Images)
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Bajaj is India's second-largest two-wheeled vehicle maker, and is the world's leader in the three-wheeled vehicle segment (AFP/Getty Images)
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The RE60 will be manufacturered in Bajaj's plant in Aurangabad in western India, and will be made available to customers in the next few months (AFP/Getty Images)
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The exact price of the vacation is not yet known (AFP/Getty Images)