Inside a 145 metre luxury yacht

The X Force is a superyacht built by Admiral Yachts and first launched at the Monaco Yacht Show
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Admiral Yachts, a brand which is part of The Italian Sea Group, has revealed a 145 meters mega-yacht, the X Force. The final project was first introduced at the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show. At the event, a 3m-long model of the yacht was on display at the shipyard.
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The Х Force 145 is designed by the Monaco-based studio Dobroserdov Design. The large chandelier shown above is part of the vessel’s main saloon.
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The yacht is built with a glass surface, known as a trademark of Admiral, which allows for a great flow of natural light throughout the ship.
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As part of its exclusive features, it has a double-level beach club & spa with internal and external swimming pools. Both of the areas are developed by the Turin-based architect Gian Marco Campanino of GMC Design.
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According to Admiral, throughout the X Force 145, there are full-height sliding glass walls, double height spaces, private balconies for all VIP suites, fireplaces, and indoor gardens and ponds.
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The owner’s room takes up 55 metres of length and an entire deck.
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As for the rest of the yacht, it includes a double-level main saloon, two helipads, a hanger for helicopters and cars, two cinemas, and several gyms and sunbathing areas with external lounge spaces.
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The ship’s production site is located in Marina di Carrara in Tuscany, Italy. It spreads over 100,000 square meters and 200 metres of dry dock.
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