Inside Al Ain's new Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium

The 25,000 seater facility will open its doors to thousands of fans on January 23
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The Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium in Al Ain is soon to open its doors to thousands of fans and families coming to see the first competition on the new turf and take part in the festival celebrations on January 23, 24, 25.
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After just seventeen months in construction, the Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium is ready for action and on Friday 24 January, Al Ain FC will welcome Arabian Gulf League rivals Al Dhafra to their brand new home to begin the second part of the season.
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It will be a daunting fixture for the visitors, who will be setting foot into the region’s most advanced sporting arena, built to the highest international standards and using unique design and engineering features to give every fan an excellent line of sight to the pitch.
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The 25,000 seat Hazza Bin Zayed stadium covers 45,000 square metres, with a height of 50 metres and hosts 3,000 premium seats, one of the highest ratios of premium seating in the world for football stadia.
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There is seating allocated for spectators with special needs and separate gates and areas dedicated to ladies and families – the stadium caters to every fan from every walk of life.
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The new stadium will be the centre of a massive 500,000 square meter Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium mixed use development, the future home to thousands of residents, tourists and hotel guests.
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“The players have seen this amazing structure come to life over the past months and want desperately to play their first game here,” said Supervisor of Al Ain first football team, Mohammed Obaid Hamad.
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As part of the festivities surrounding the occasion, a three day action-packed family event called ‘The Big Kick-Off’ will take place on the 23, 24, 25 January.
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