Inside Em Sherif’s Oriental culinary experience

Beirut’s fine dining destination, Em Sherif, has gone international
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Beirut’s fine dining destination, Em Sherif, has gone international. Welcoming guests to its enchanting blue kingdom in the United Arab Emirates. The authentic restaurant from Lebanon opened its doors this week in Downtown Dubai, overlooking the Dubai Fountains and Burj Khalifa.
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Bringing its signature “blue kingdom” and distinctive Oriental cuisine, Em Sherif ‘s dishes take us back to the forgotten authentic flavours.
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All ingredients are chosen with a personal touch, from the fresh produce to the meats and grains. All food is made on site in the kitchen, infusing the unique touches brought by the restaurant’s founder.
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Mireille Hayek, better known as ‘Em Sherif’, is the owner, founder and Chef
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The restaurant was conceptualized and designed to resemble an antique Lebanese mansion, lavish, luxurious and with intricate detail.
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Delicately decorated with souvenirs of the Oriental World, Hayek’s own personal touches are apparent, highlighting her welcoming character and evoking a community and family environment.
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“I believe everyone deserves to taste good food, and I get no greater joy then when I see satisfied guests in my restaurants,” says Mirelle Hayek.
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“At Em Sherif, our food and service will always be of the highest quality, and I aim to make Em Sherif a landmark for authentic oriental cuisine globally, starting with Dubai.
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“The luxury-dining scene in this city is booming however there are not many local landmarks when it comes to fine Oriental cuisine. Our guests will enjoy an exceptional experience, starting with the welcoming and attentive service through to the authentic Oriental dishes and unique entertainment, which combined will make quite an experience to remember,” she adds.
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Em Sherif has enjoyed success in Beirut, and has become known in the city for Oriental haute cuisine, frequented by local celebrities.
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Open seven days a week for lunch from 12pm to 4pm and for dinner from 8pm to 12am.
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