Jet-On-Wheels concept introduced to the MidEast

The Austrian luxury mobile home firm will introduce new models in 2014, with prices starting from $1.6m
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Austrian luxury mobile home company Marchi Mobile introduced its latest “Jet-On-Wheels” innovation to the Middle East called the eleMMent viva.
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Production has started and the first unit ordered will be hitting the road in 2014. Basic models start at $1.6million and vary according to specifications.
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The eleMMent viva is an all-new approach to luxury mobility for comfortable transit when the distance is too short to fly, the destination is out of reach from an airport and valuable time would simply be wasted in a car.
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Equipped with generous bathroom space and bar area, the eleMMent viva also offers interior height that allows its guests full head room even when standing up.
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Additional features include onboard entertainment, 6 to 8 wellness massage seats with climate control, optional spa area and plenty of room for luggage.
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Up to 15 large suitcases can easily be fitted for your travel needs in both the private and business versions of the Jet-on-wheels.
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The business version has a fully equipped workplace incorporated, along with optional conference settings and high-end media components that transform the eleMMent viva into a mobile workspace.
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The eleMMent viva is tailor-made to the individual owner’s needs and requirements. Floor plans are laid out for either private or business shuttles and offer a range of amenities typically seen in private jets.
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Marchi Mobile GmbH is an automotive brand that specialises in constructing luxury-mobility units through German engineering and craftsmanship.
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Their product range includes mobile homes, VIP shuttles and design tractors which can be used in combination with trailers of all kinds.