Kuwait Airways bows to staff pay demands to end strike action

Carrier says flights returned to normal after cancellations yesterday due to the walkout
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Employees of state-owned carrier Kuwait Airways Corp have ended their strike calling for higher pay, Kuwait state news agency Kuna has said. (AFP/Getty Images)
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Thousands of workers from the country's national airline announced an indefinite strike in Kuwait City on Monday, in the hopes of pushing the government to increase their salaries and provide better employment benefits. (AFP/Getty Images)
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About 2,000 staff from Kuwait Airways and another 800 from a subsidiary halted work at 8 am local time on Monday, the head of the trade union al-Hajeri said, adding that the strike would end at 6pm and resume Tuesday over the same period. Employees would continue the strike on Oct 26 and Oct 27 from 6pm to midnight, he added. However, the strike only lasted for one day. (AFP/Getty Images)
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The disruption caused several flights to be cancelled out of the airport. “No KAC aircraft are departing”, Abdullah al-Hajeri, said in a phone interview from the airport. “Only Hajj flights will depart during strike times,” he said in reference to pilgrims travelling to Saudi Arabia. (AFP/Getty Images)
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A sign that reads in Arabic 'Striking is the way to approve our demands' is placed in the departures hall of the airport at the start of a strike. (AFP/Getty Images)
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Government employees have held a wave of strikes across the country since September, seeking salary increases to match peers in other departments. (AFP/Getty Images)
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Kuwaiti customs employees ceased work for two days from Oct 10, disrupting the country’s ports and border crossings and threatening to block oil exports. (AFP/Getty Images)
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Kuwait Airways flight attendants Nattanun Prakobkeat (L) and Gridtigar Mitsuwan, both Thai nationals, talk to each other as they pose for photographs in front of a Kuwait Airways Airbus A340 at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang, 01 November 2006. Kuwait Airways began twice-weekly flight operations from Kuwait to Kuala Lumpur with its maiden flight 01 November. (AFP/Getty Images)