Kuwait's PM, cabinet resign amid corruption claims

Critics of Sheikh Nasser have argued the prime minister failed to manage the wealthy Gulf state
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Kuwaiti parliament speaker Jassem Al Khorafi speaks to the press at the national assembly after the government resigned (AFP/Getty Images)
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Kuwait's prime minister and his government resigned on Monday, bowing to escalating demands by protesters and opposition deputies that he step down over corruption allegations (AFP/Getty Images)
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Kuwaiti opposition MP Falah Al Sawagh. Kuwait's government resigned following a bitter dispute with opposition MPs. (AFP/Getty Images)
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Opposition MPs, who have been at loggerheads with prime minister Sheikh Nasser welcomed the resignation (AFP/Getty Images)
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Kuwaiti opposition MP Khaled Al Tahus. Tensions rose sharply this month when opposition lawmakers and protesters stormed parliament to demand resignation of Sheikh Nasser (AFP/Getty Images)
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Opposition MPs warned that if Sheikh Nasser did not step up to the questioning stand on Nov. 29, they would escalate their campaign against him (AFP/Getty Images)
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Kuwait has been locked in a long-running political battle between the government dominated by the ruling Al Sabah family and the 50-member elected parliament (AFP/Getty Images)
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The parliament speaker told reporters after a meeting with the emir and members of the cabinet that he had not been informed of any decision to dissolve the assembly (AFP/Getty Images)