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Larry Ellison with Chris Dickson, US BMW Oracle Racing skipper, on board during the semi-final of the Louis Vuitton Cup, the qualification tournament for the America’s Cup. Unlike other billionaire sponsors, Ellison was part of the racing team for the Cup.
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Despite a determined performance, BMW Oracle ultimately lost its semi-final in the Louis Vuitton Cup, crashing out against Italian challenger Luna Rossa – Ellison responded by removing Dickson as skipper.
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US BMW Oracle Racing sails past Larry Ellison’s private yacht the ‘Rising Sun’ during the Louis Vuitton Cup, highlighting Ellison’s twin nautical passions. He has spent US$270million capturing the America’s Cup, while the ‘Rising Sun’ set him back an estimated US$200million.
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At 454 feet, the ‘Rising Sun’ is the largest privately-owned yacht in the world, with a basketball court, gymnasium, private cinema and Jacuzzi bathrooms. Ellison lives onboard for part of the year.
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Ellison relaxing onboard the ‘Rising Sun’: while staying on the yacht he holds regular business meetings with Oracle staff.
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Since 2003, Oracle has embarked on an aggressive acquisition strategy, capturing more than two dozen companies for an estimated US$20billion.
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Oracle’s acquisition strategy has been controversial: Ellison is seen here leaving a federal court in San Francisco, US, after Oracle challenged PeopleSoft attempts to block its takeover.
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Ellison announced at last year’s Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, US, that the firm would offer support for Red Hat Linux, putting Oracle in conflict with a company it had previously closely partnered with.
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Ellison makes no secret of his admiration for Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple: “the CEO of the decade” is Ellison’s assessment of his close friend. Ellison is also tipping the iPhone, which launches later this month, to be a huge success.
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Perhaps the industry figure that Ellison is most closely associated with is Bill Gates, with Ellison being famously competitive with the Microsoft boss. At one point in 2000, Ellison briefly overtook Gates as the world’s richest man.
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Ellison does however share with Bill Gates the distinction of having never completed his degree education. He is seen here accepting an honorary doctorate from Howard University in Washington for his contribution to the technology world.
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