Latest luxury cars wow the crowds at Qatar Motor Show

Latest models of top car brands go on show alongside vintage classics at Doha event
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The Gumpert Tornante, hand built by Italian carmaker, was one of the concept cars unveiled at Doha. (ITP Images)
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The Futura from the IDEA Institute was released in 2010 but has finally landed in Qatar. (ITP Images)
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The Pininfarina Group’s 2uettottanta concept car was launched to celebrate the company’s 80th anniversary in 2010. (ITP Images)
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Up Design’s Vittoria concept car comes complete with an electric engine. (ITP Images)
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The Volkswagen Beetle was launched by Volkswagen in 1938 and Doha saw the launch of the new “more masculine” version. (ITP Images)
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The popular Mini Cooper also got a makeover and was met with mixed results. (ITP Images)
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The Maserati GranCabino Sport, which can reach speeds of up to 285km. (ITP Images)
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Lamborghini unveiled its latest offerings and revealed customers will have to wait two years as demand is now so high. (ITP Images)
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The latest BMW 3 Series was unveiled, but distributors admitted Qataris were more inclined to buy the 7 Series. (ITP Images)
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Qatar’s Alfardan Classic Cars also put on an impressive display of a bygone era. (ITP Images)
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This old Rolls-Royce was a recent addition to Alfardan’s collection and is still in working order. (ITP Images)
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