Learn from the fittest: Athletes' diet tips revealed

Find out health tips from world class athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Maria Sharapova
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If you’re planning on getting fit, it might be useful to refer to the diets of the world’s most successful athletes. While you may not want to follow the strict regimes they live by, you might want to take down some helpful notes.
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LeBron James: The famous NBA basketball player shocked worldwide media when he went on a 67-day diet two years ago in order to lose weight and achieve more speed in his performance. James reportedly did not eat sugar, carbs, or dairy for the duration of the diet. Instead, his diet consisted of meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables.
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Maria Sharapova: The Russian tennis champion is often praised for her fit physique. To maintain the fit body she has, she has breakfast consisting mostly of rye toast, goat cheese, and fruit. For lunch, she has tomato soup with vegetables and chicken. Sharapova also makes sure she snacks on healthy green juice. As for dinner, she has fish, rice, and vegetables. When she’s in the mood for sweets, she has some of her branded Sugarpova candy, the athlete told Harper’s Bazaar magazine.
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Cristiano Ronaldo: The world’s highest paid footballer – and most famous one too – is known for his almost flawless figure. Ronaldo publicly announced that he follows a strict diet and fitness program. As a result, has an in-house chef who prepares ultra-healthy and nutritious meals, of which most consist of fish such as gilt-head bream, swordfish, and sea bass.
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Floyd Mayweather: All-time boxing champion and the world’s highest paid athlete has a balanced diet, according to his nutritionist Quiana Jeffries. The boxer’s diet contains a lot of juice with ingredients such as pineapples, oranges, strawberries, red peppers, red pears, and carrots. Looking at Mayweather’s figure, we’re certain the diet works.
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Lionel Messi: This Argentinian footballer’s diet is reportedly based on five key elements: water, good quality olive oil, whole grains, fresh fruit, and fresh vegetables, according to his nutritionist Giuliano Poser. The diet also contains nuts and seeds, but no sugar at all as it is ‘the worst for muscles,’ said Poser. Since working with the expert, Messi has lost 3 kilograms and scored 98 goals for Barcelona – so the diet must be good.
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Serena Williams: This tennis star is careful not to bring bad food into her house. She keeps a diet that mainly consists of natural and raw foods. However, she gives in to her sweet tooth when she’s on holiday. While she eats shrimp with butter, friend chicken, and banana pudding while on vacation, she doesn’t take too many cheat days, she told fitness magazine.
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David Beckham: Who better to take diet advice from than iconic footballer Beckham? The athlete reportedly consumes very little fat from healthy foods such as olive oil and yogurt. His diet is made up mainly of lean protein such as fish and chicken, but also contains a lot of greens and vegetable such as cauliflower.
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Usain Bolt: The world’s fastest man ever starts his day with a simple egg sandwich, followed by a lunch consisting either of pasta with corned beef or a fish dish. However, Bolt eats more vegetables than anything else, as his coach instructs him to, he told GQ magazine. He recommends others to weight themselves constantly, watch what they eat, and ‘look the other way’ when craving sweets.
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By Lubna Hamdan