Let’s fly away: inside crew training for Dubai’s Emirates

Behind the scenes tour of cabin crew instruction at world’s leading long-haul airline
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Emirates Airline cabin crew undergo training (All images courtesy of Bloomberg News)
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The Dubai-based airline plans to hire 4,000 cabin crew over the 2011/2012 financial year to keep pace with its rapid expansion
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The hiring spree will take Emirate’s total cabin crew to 16,000
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Emirates has squeezed its western rivals with multibillion-dollar plane purchases and rapid network expansion in lucrative long-haul routes in Asia, Europe and North America
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Emirates Airline's was named the world's third largest carrier by capacity last year
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The carrier signed a deal with Boeing in November for 50 777-300ER jets, and an option for 20 more, in a contract valued at $26bn
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"We have an ambitious and strategic plan to continue growing our international network and especially increasing our long-haul, non-stop routes," Chairman Sheikh Ahmed said following the order
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Emirates currently has 90 Airbus A380 aircraft on order
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The airline reported net profits of $225m for the first six months 2011, down 75 percent from the previous year as fuel costs soared