Making a list.... Christmas supermarket sales

UAE chain Spinney’s gives an insight into consumption of some of the most popular traditional food items
Turkey breast with cranberry and orange marmalade stuffing_Spinneys.jpg
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With the run up to Christmas, UAE supermarket chain Spinney’s has given us some interesting figures on the sales of various traditional Christmas items over the festive period during the month of December….

\nIt estimates it will sell 18,000kgs of fresh turkey...
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It estimates it will sell 187,000 mince pies...
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It estimates it will sell 24,594 Panettone cakes...
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It estimates it will sell 3,000 packs of homemade stuffing...
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It estimates it will sell 8964 Christmas puddings...
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And it estimates it will sell 27,000 packs of smoked salmon