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Every season, men’s fashion trends get more and more creative. Rewind back to a few years ago and no man would have thought he’d be wearing pink shirts with suits. But most men are, and it looks great! So when you read this list of 2016s fashion trends, keep an open mind – and an open wallet, you’ll need it when you hit the mall to get these styles.
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Crazy shoes: And these Jimmy Choos aren’t even that crazy. You might look at this pair and think you’d look ridiculous wearing them. But the secret to mastering crazy shoes is wearing them with something subtle and classic, like a plain, sharp black suit.
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Slick hair: Tell us you didn’t notice this guy’s shiny hair. How could you miss it? It’s shinier than the lights on the runway. The trend for this hairstyle is back – forget models on the runways, Hollywood actors like Leonardo DiCaprio have been sporting it.
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The casual suit: For some time, this trend drifted away in favour of dressy suits and risky patterns. But it’s back now – and looking better than ever. Pair your look with a slightly sheer t-shirt (don’t judge the trend before you try it) like this Calvin Klein model. After all, doesn’t he look great?
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Hat’s on: The sun shines loud and proud in Dubai – so it’s beyond us why very few men wear hats in the city. Trust the runways of Milan Fashion Week and dust off your old hat. Hat’s on, we say.
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Military-style: Army prints have been trending big for several seasons, and they aren’t showing any sign of stopping. Our only warning for this trend is not to wear too many pieces of it at the same time.
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Oversized jackets: We were trying to find a way to describe this trend and the best we came up with was “Kanye-style.” Why? Because it’s so his style! Jokes aside, oversized jackets, especially bomber ones, are great (never mind comfortable) for a casual night out.
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White jeans everything: Never mind that this male model is prettier than most girls (how smooth is that hair) the white jeans shirt he’s sporting has been spotted on several runways this season. White jeans jackets and trousers have also been trending on and off the runways.
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Suits and prints: Why wear a plain shirt with your suit if you can go for a printed one? If prints are not your thing, try a subtle pattern to start with. Be careful not to go too wild with your prints – no bright pink elephants please.
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The low V-neck is back: Except now the trend has gone viral for suits as opposed to t-shirts. But we don’t recommend going sans shirt under your suit. Instead, opt for a low V-neck t-shirt under your suit to give the effect of a low V-neck suit. Also – do make sure you groom your chest before exercising this trend.
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Beige? Beige: That’s right, beige is no longer a boring colour. In fact, it’s all over the runways this season. And Ralph Lauren’s presentation [pictured above] shows it’s best to wear it in monochrome and different shades.
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By Lubna Hamdan