MidEast designers to help transform the Eiffel Tower into a catwalk

Jessica Minh Anh has chosen three designers from the region for her eighth history-making fashion show
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Global fashion sensation Jessica Minh Anh will transform the most famous architectural wonder and the symbol of the fashion capital, Paris' the Eiffel Tower, into the world’s newest catwalk on 31 October 2014.
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The model turned entrepreneur has selected three Middle Eastern luxury brands Dar Naseem Al Andalos, Debaj, and OM Fiore to represent the region on this occasion.
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Covering the panoramic view of Paris, the J Autumn Fashion Show will present collections from eight countries and mark Jessica’s eighth history making catwalk around the world.
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Her previous fashion shows were choreographed on London’s Tower Bridge, Grand Canyon Skywalk, and One World Trade Center. The J Autumn Fashion Show 2014 promises to present a combination of art, culture, architecture, and fashion.
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Over 120 haute couture and ready-to-wear pieces from the Middle East Europe, Asia, and America have been carefully selected for the one-of-a-kind catwalk.
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“I instantly fell in love with the brand after seeing the classy and sophisticated designs by Hayaa Al Fadhel and her mother Nabila Al Aissaoui. They are experts at accentuating a woman’s figure using light fabrics and subtle details. Their dresses are work of art” said Jessica Minh Anh.
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Bahraini designer Dar Naseem Al Andalos will premier a new haute couture collection with a French-Moroccan influence. Emphasizing on luxurious caftans and fashion-forward detailing, the mother-daughter team targets lavish and modern women.
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Another representative from the Middle East is Qatari luxury brand Debaj, who uses intricate embellishments and floral art. Inspired by Parisian elegance, Debaj will transform Islamic Abayas into original pieces.
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Saudi designer Omaymah Azzouz of OM Fiore blends Arab embroidery threads into European fabrics.
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Visually pushing the envelope, a two-tiered outdoor catwalk, which spans over 150 metres across the first floor of the symbolic tower will be set up for the fashion show. The VIP seating area will be heated up with Dyson’s latest technology, and a breakfast area filled with Italy’s finest Pozzetto’s bakeries and beverages.
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In addition to the garment collections, Jessica Minh Anh has partners with German brand Mont Blanc to add luxury and heritage to the unique catwalk.
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“The most exquisite designs should be displayed at architectural masterpieces” said Jessica. “Eiffel Tower represents an artist’s dreams, and inspires their many creations. I want to make those dreams attainable”.
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Jessica initially got the attention of the press and fashion figures when she turned England’s iconic London’s Tower Bridge into the world’s newest catwalk in 2011.
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She also hosted fashion shows at the most extraordinary venues such as PETRONAS Twin Towers’ Skybridge in Kuala Lumpur, Gardens by the Bay’s Skyway in Singapore, Costa Atlantica in Dubai, and the Seine river in Paris.
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In November 2013, she orchestrated the world’s highest and most unconventional catwalk at 4000 feet on the Grand Canyon Skywalk and in June 2014, New York’s One World Trade Center turned into a fashion destination 6 months before it was officially opened to the public.
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Designer’s featured on her catwalks are Vietnamese “King of the Red Carpet” Hoang Hai and Indian sensation Shilpa Reddy who will present their bold statement collections at the Paris fashion show alongside the three designers from the Middle East.
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