Mideast property hot spots

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Find out which are most desired real estate locations in the Middle East, according to the latest Gulf real estate survey by FutureBrand. (Getty Images)
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11. Fujairah in the UAE declined in popularity last year. (ITP Images)
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10. Sharjah also fell from its 2008 position as third most popular location to ninth in 2009. (Getty Images)
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9. Ras al Khaimah in the UAE was rated eighth most desirable. (ITP Images)
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8. An aerial view of Kuwait City. The city moved from its position as 10th most popular in 2008. (Getty Images)
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7. The Bahraini capital city of Manama was rated sixth most popular property hot spot. (Getty Images)
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6. Riyadh, the Saudi Arabian capital city at night. The city fell one place in the rankings last year. (Getty Images)
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5. The Omani capital city, Muscat was rated by the report to be fifth most popular property location in the region. (ITP Images)
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4. Traditional buildings of the Old City in the centre of the Saudi Arabian Red Sea port city of Jeddah. The city rose two places to fourth most popular. (Getty Images)
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3. The Museum of Islamic Art in Doha. The Qatari capital city was in the top three real estate locations. (Getty Images)
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2. The UAE capital's attractiveness has doubled in the past year, the report said. (Getty Images)
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1. Dubai retained its top spot as the Middle East's most popular real estate location, being preferred almost twice as much as the next leading city. (Getty Images)
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