Mompreneur Rising Middle East workshop series

The inspirational team at Mompreneurs Middle East are hosting the sixth edition of their signature workshop series - Mompreneur Rising - designed for those aiming to take their business to the next level.
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Mompreneur Rising participants during the introductory session to this year’s first Mompreneur Rising entrepreneurship workshop.
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Mompreneur Rising concentrates heavily on real-world applications of the material. Each participant is expected to apply the learnings from each lesson to their action plans.
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The 6th batch of Mompreneurs together after the first session.
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The second session of the course is focused on the inner game - the “why” behind the entrepreneur’s drive to create a business.
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Carol Talbot’s session guided the participants to a deeper understanding of their inner self, empowering them to reconsider their limiting beliefs.
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Carol Talbot explains to the participants the power of their words and their beliefs.
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During an exercise, Carol Talbot proves to the participants that their limits are set by themselves, and therefore can be broken by them.
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At the end of the second session, the participants each received a copy of Carol’s upcoming book “You, the Devine Genius” courtesy of Mompreneurs Middle East.
Tue 21 Feb 2017 12:41 PM GST
By Tamara Pupic