Nine holiday locations with flights from Dubai for less than AED2,000

Nine stunning vacation spots that won’t break the bank
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1. India, Goa – Fly direct to Goa from AED1,691 with Air India. (SHUTTERSTOCK)
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2. Georgia, Tbilisi – Fly direct to Tbilisi from AED1,729 with FlyDubai. (SHUTTERSTOCK)
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3. Ukraine, Odessa – Fly direct to Odessa from AED1,729 with FlyDubai. (SHUTTERSTOCK)
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2. Colombo, Sri Lanka

It’s a popular choice for UAE travellers for a good reason – the tiny island in the Indian Ocean is simply beautiful. The vast greenery of the rugged rainforest means that its packed with wildlife and it has the highest density of leopards in the world. You’ll find elephants, wild buffaloes and sloth bears amongst the 91 species that call Sri Lanka home. It’s also got plenty of surf, beautiful historical sites and pristine beaches.

Flight time: 4.30 hrs

​Price: From AED1,659 with flydubai*

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5. Lebanon, Beirut– Fly direct to Beirut from AED1,175 with Emirates Airline. (SHUTTERSTOCK)
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6. Azerbaijan, Baku – Fly direct to Baku from AED1,250 with FlyDubai. (SHUTTERSTOCK)
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7. Jordan, Amman – Fly direct to Amman from AED1,238 with FlyDubai. (SHUTTERSTOCK)
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8. Kazakhstan, Almaty – Fly direct to Almaty from AED1,572 with Air Astana. (SHUTTERSTOCK)
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9. Oman, Salalah – Fly direct to Salalah from AED816 with Oman Air. (SHUTTERSTOCK)
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