Ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks

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At the memorial service for the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the USA mourned for the deceased at Ground Zero. (Getty Images)
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Family members of the victims assemble at Ground Zero to pay homage to the deceased.(Getty Images)
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Construction continues at the World Trade Centre site. (Getty Images)
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US Vice President Joe Biden, along with his wife, appeared at the site. (Getty Images)
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Earlier, officials had provided an update on the construction work at Ground Zero. (Getty Images)
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US Vice President Joe Biden shares the grief of a mourner who lost a family member in the attacks.(Getty Images)
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Fire fighters from Ladder co 10 and Engine co 10 pause in silence at 10:28 am, marking the North Tower's fall time. (Getty Images)
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The attack on the twin towers on September 09, 2001 killed nearly 3000 people.(Getty Images)
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A family member of a victim raises a photo during the name reading of the victims.(Getty Images)
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Family members of a victim assemble near a reflecting pool at Ground Zero.(Getty Images)
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Former New York city Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, recites a poem during the annual memorial service for 9/11 victims.(Getty Images)
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A couple during the name reading of the victims. (Getty Images)