Not a morning person? Here’s how to become one

Believe it or not, it’s possible
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In a perfect world, we would all get enough sleep to wake up early in the morning and happily sip our coffees whilst making small talk. But who gets enough sleep anymore? Especially in cities like Dubai, people live fast-paced lives where time seems to fly just a little bit. It turns out, however, that even if you don’t sleep early, don’t like mornings, and don’t feel motivated at the start of the day, you could become a morning person. How? Continue reading to find out.

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Force yourself to take a cold shower: We know - it sounds horrifying, but cold showers have been proven to increase body circulation, oxygen intake, and energy. So even if you get out of bed with your eyes closed, you’ll leave that shower with 10 times the energy you had. Here’s another reason to motivate you to take them: they’re anti-aging!

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Try an app: Apps like Better Me share a Facebook post of your failure every time you hit snooze. While that might be an aggressive attempt at turning you into a morning person, we think it’ll do the trick. Another app to try is Wake n Shake, which forces you to shake your phone to turn off an alarm. This may not seem like much help, but any movement in the morning will help wake you up.

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Leave your bedroom as fast as possible: Our bedrooms signify a time to relax and sleep. So it only makes sense that if you stay in your bedroom after you’ve woken up, you’ll stay in the relaxed mood that you’re in. Once you’re out of bed, do something that gets you out and about, whether it’s going down to the kitchen for coffee or taking a 5-minute walk outside.

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Open the curtains: Billionaire businessman and founder of the Virgin Group Richard Branson swears by waking up to sunshine. “I leave the curtains undrawn and the sun comes up at 5:45 am straight in my eyes. I love bouncing up early,” he said. Exposing yourself to the sun means you’re giving your body Vitamin D, which gives you energy and makes you more likely to positive in the morning and alas, become a morning person.

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Have something to look forward to: Set up things during the week that get you excited. Call up a friend for lunch or dinner, schedule an early-morning swim, book a manicure for after-work. Give yourself something to look forward to, dress up for, and get out of bed for.

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Know that snoozing makes you more tired: According to several research, snoozing makes you more tired because it generally takes an hour to reach deep sleep after waking up. So what you’re basically doing is interrupting your sleep cycle and distorting your energy levels. The next time you reach out to hit the snooze button, try to notice that.

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Do something you love every morning: Even if it’s as small as listening to your favourite songs while sipping your coffee or as silly as dancing or singing while getting dressed, do something you love every morning. It will no doubt put you in a better mood and one step closer to becoming a morning person (maybe).

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Have an enjoyable night and morning grooming routine: Grooming is fun. It’s spoiling yourself and your body. And it also gets you in the mood for whatever you’re about to do. That’s why most women enjoy getting ready and most men feel fresh after a haircut and shave.

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Sleep an hour earlier: We’re not going to use the cliché tip of getting enough sleep. All we’re going to say is, sleep is an important part of waking up, but you don’t have to go cold turkey if you’re a night owl. Start slowly by sleeping an hour earlier. See if that makes a difference, and then take it from there. Feel like a morning person already? Neither do we, but it’s worth giving it a try with these tips.

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