Obama pledges US support as Europe faces debt crisis

But White House rules out any financial contributions from US taxpayers to troubled trade bloc
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US president Barack Obama pressed European Union officials to act quickly and decisively to resolve their sovereign debt crisis\n(Getty Images)
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US president Barack Obama (R) with European Council President Herman Van Rompuy (Getty Images)
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Obama administration has focused on offering advice on rescue programmes and how to make tough political decisions drawn from its experience during the US financial crisis of 2008 (Getty Images)
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European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso with Obama (Getty Images)
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Washington may support more aid to Europe from the International Monetary Fund, where the US is the biggest shareholder (Getty Images)
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European Council president Herman Van Rompuy (Getty Images)
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EU leaders are expected to agree on steps toward fiscal union, considered critical for a longer term solution to Europe's debt crisis (Getty Images)
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Van Rompuy and Barroso wield influence as heads of key EU institutions at the heart of efforts to address the crisis (Getty Images)
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The crisis has thrown the future of the 17-nation currency bloc into doubt at a moment of weakness for the global economy (Getty Images)
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US is ready to do its part but EU financial aid was not discussed at the meeting, Obama said (Getty Images)