Occupy London loses last-ditch High Court eviction fight

Judge rules ‘Tent City’ protest could be cleared as early as next week
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Occupy London protestors stand outside London's High Court on Jan 18 (All images courtesy of Getty Images)
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The City of London Corporation won a legal bid to have the movement removed from the pavements outside St Paul's Cathedral
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The 'Occupy London' protest camp vowed to appeal against the ruling
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The court granted the protesters a stay of three days to prepare for their appeal
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Around 150 tents remain at the site, which was first occupied on October 15
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Pictures taken by thermal imaging cameras indicate many of the protesters do not stay overnight
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Many of the tents set up by the activists around St. Paul's are on what the corporation designates as a public road
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The London demonstrators set up their camp as part of a global “Occupy” campaign targeting corporate greed
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The protest forced the closure of the 17th-century St. Paul’s for the first time since World War II
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The activists set up camp outside St Paul's after being moved away from the Stock Exchange – their original target