One of the UK's largest land sales

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A view of Lake Vyrnwy and its surrounding estate, which is on sale for GBP 11 million in Llanwddyn, Wales. (Getty Images)
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The sale of 23,000 acres by Severn Trent Water is believed to be one of the biggest land sales for generations. (Getty Images)
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The plot includes agriculture, forestry and commercial property around the lake but not the lake itself. (Getty Images)
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A tourist looks out over Lake Vyrnwy and its surrounding estate. (Getty Images)
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Lake Vyrnwy is a Victorian reservoir with a stone-built dam constructed in the 1880s to supply Liverpool and Merseyside with fresh water. (Getty Images)
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The reservoir flooded the head of the Vyrnwy Valley and submerged the small village of Llanwddyn. (Getty Images)
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The reservoir is Severn Trent Water's largest and covers an area of 4.53 sq km, the equivalent of around 600 football pitches. (Getty Images)
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