Paris Hilton in Beirut

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US socialite Paris Hilton poses for a picture before a press conference at the Grand Hills Hotel in Brummana, Beirut. Hilton, who has taken her TV reality show and a hunt for a new best friend to Dubai, arrived from the Gulf emirate to host a party in the Lebanese capital. (Getty Images)
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Hilton emerges from a car carrying a bouquet of flowers. (Getty Images)
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Mirror, mirror on the wall. Hilton checks herself out wearing a necklace by Lebanese jeweler Pascal Mouawad. (Getty Images)
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The hotel heiress answers questions from the press ahead of the party. She caused a stir in Dubai after announcing she was not going to attend a nightclub launch in the city. (Getty Images)
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Lebanese fans take pictures of Hilton with their mobile phones at the party in Beirut downtown. (Getty Images)
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Oh, it's hard work being a star. Hilton poses for a picture at the party. (Getty Images)
Sun 05 Jul 2009 09:14 AM GST