Paris Hilton in Dubai

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US socialite Paris Hilton launched her search for a new best friend forever (BFF) at a press conference in Dubai. She is in the city to film her new TV series 'My New BFF' over the coming weeks. (Getty Images)
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The American party princess appeared in front of a packed room of mostly media at the InterContinental Hotel in Festival City. She has already agreed to tone down some of the progamme's racier aspects. (Getty Images)
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Wearing an elaborate green dress and bedecked in a glittering array of jewels, the 28-year-old outlined plans to expand her fashion brand in the UAE while possibly opening a hotel as well as investing in property. (Getty Images)
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Hilton stands with Nayla al-Khaja, chief executive officer of UAE-based D-Seven Motion Pictures production company. (Getty Images)
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Hilton flew into Dubai on Emirates Airlines, giving it a big endorsement on the social networking site Twitter, which PR gurus have said was worth $1.5m. (Getty Images)
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The socialite also caused confusion after saying she would not be attending the launch of a new nightclub in the city, called Bed, despite the club advertising she would be there. (Getty Images)
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