Police fire tear gas as protests return to Bahrain's streets

Clashes revive a day after a man was run over and killed as he fled from state security forces
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Bahraini police fired tear gas and clashed with Shi'ite Muslim protesters on Friday (AFP/Getty Images)
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A Bahraini anti-government protester runs for cover from tear gas fired by riot police in village of Abu Saiba, west of Manama (AFP/Getty Images)
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The clashes occurred a day after a man was run over and killed as he fled security forces chasing protesters near Manama, the opposition and a rights group said on Friday (AFP/Getty Images)
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Tensions have been high in Bahrain since security forces crushed weeks of pro-democracy street protests in March (AFP/Getty Images)
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The police fired tear gas and sound grenades to disperse protesters, and several people were injured during the clashes which went on for several hours, said Matar Matar, a member of the Shi'ite al Wefaq political bloc (AFP/Getty Images)
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Bahraini Shiite mourners run away covering their faces from the tear gas (AFP/Getty Images)
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Bahraini Shiite Muslim mourners flash victory sign during funeral of Ali Al Qassab, a demonstrator who was killed during the clashes with security forces (AFP/Getty Images)
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Bahraini riot police stand guard as mourners take part in the funeral of Ali Al Qassab (AFP/Getty Images)
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Bahrain was rocked by democracy protests between mid-February and mid-March, which were crushed by security forces backed by its Gulf neighbours (AFP/Getty Images)