Qatar celebrates hosting the World Cup 2022

Gulf state becomes the first Arab nation to hold the tournament
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Qatar was announced as the 2022 World Cup host in Zurich on Dec 2
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Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and his wife were present at the announcement ceremony
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A crowd of thousands flocked onto Doha's streets as the result as announced
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Qatar created history by becoming the first Arab nation to host the World Cup
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The bid saw the tiny Gulf state beat out bids from Australia, USA, Japan and Korea
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The result came on the back of FIFA's pledge to move the World Cup beyond its traditional borders and into countries where football is developing
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Fans celebrated with the ubiquitous vuvuzelas and dancing
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Traffic wound around Doha's corniche as revellers celebrated in ecstasy
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The city's avenues were jammed packed as the party continued long into the next day
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A young fan holds up a replica of the World Cup trophy during an impromptu parade
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The Gulf state convinced FIFA that it would combat soaring summer temperatures during the tournament by building carbon neutral, air conditioned stadiums
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Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani, bid committee chairman, said: "This is a statement of trust, of loyalty to the game. On behalf of millions of people in the Middle East, thank you for believing in us, thank you for having such bold vision. I can promise we will not let you down."
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Qatari women wave the national flag as they drive down Doha's corniche
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Qatar plans to build nine new stadiums and refurbish three existing ones for the 2022 tournament