Revealed: The Saudi bloggers to watch in 2017

From sharing social issues to creating travel reviews, here are the bloggers making waves in the conservative kingdom
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Bloggers and influencers might be a dime a dozen in today’s social media infested world. But in the conformist society of Saudi Arabia, they remain in high demand. From tackling social issues to offering beauty advice, these bloggers are changing perceptions – and trends – one social post at a time. Here’s are the top five we’re keeping an eye on this year.
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AlJuhara Sajer

\nBased in Jeddah, the more liberal city of Saudi Arabia, AlJuhara Sajer started sharing vlogs ranging from makeup tutorials to travel reviews. Her YouTube channel, which she launched in 2012, garnered 441k subscribers as of today. It offered a glimpse into the everyday life of a 26 year old Saudi female and filled a vast demand for online beauty bloggers in the conservative kingdom.
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Yousef AlSudais

\nTravel blogger and influencer Yousef AlSudais began sharing pictures of his travel excursions before garnering 93k followers on photo sharing app Instagram inspired him to take on the hobby as a full time job. The 29 year old is most famous for his engaging travel reviews where creates videos of exploratory activities including zip lining in Dubai, diving in the Seychelles and hiking in Bali.
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Omar Hussein

\nSocial media guru Omar Hussein uses digital platforms such as YouTube to crate content that tackles sensitive social issues in Saudi Arabia. With 345k subscribers on his channel, he puts together scenarios that provoke Saudis to react, giving an insight into social behaviour all the while. Hussein has 477k followers on Instagram.
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Hala Abdullah

\nA lifestyle blogger, Hala Abdullah shares fashion and beauty posts with her 747k followers on social media platform Instagram. Despite having a conservative Saudi background, Abdullah boasts a more liberated sense of style, often sporting international fashion trends.
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Njoud Al Shammari

\nComedy vlogger Njoud Al Shammari quickly grew into a YouTube sensation after sharing comedic recordings and makeup tutorials. Her easy-going engagement, and the fact she features her brothers in many of her videos, garnered her over one million YouTube subscribers. Through her channel, she encourages a more modern and liberal attitude that remains true to her conservative Saudi roots.
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By Lubna Hamdan