REVEALED: The World's Richest Indians

You’ve met the Gulf’s wealthiest Indians, but what do they have to do to make the global list? Quite a lot, it seems – with the threshold for entry into the top ten sitting at $6.6bn, according to Forbes.
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1. Mukesh Ambani
\nReliance Industries

\nGazing down over Mumbai from the world’s most expensive single residence, the Antilia tower block in the cushiest part of the city, Mukesh Ambani can reflect on a career that has catapulted him into the very top ranks (22nd) of the world’s richest people.
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2. Lakshmi Mittal
\nChairman and CEO

\nThe 41st richest man in the world,UK-based Lakshmi Mittal runs the planet’s biggest steel producer. The firm has been hit hard by slowing demand in China, but an improving global economy should see Mittal reaping hefty dividends again in the not-too-distant future.
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4. Azim Premji

\nAnother good year for Azim Premji saw him add $1.6bn to his net worth. In the third quarter of last year, profits rose by 27 percent to $325m. India’s richest tech tycoon says he’s expecting double-digit revenue growth for the firm in 2014.
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8. Adi Godrej & Family
\nGodrej Group

\nThe Godrej Group has interests in everything from fridges to property. The industrialist shares his wealth with four other members of his family, and is aiming to boost the consumer and real estate divisions of his conglomerate internationally.
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9. Kumar Birla
\nAditya Birla Group

\nKumar Birla took over the reins of the family firm back in 1995, when he was just 28. Since then, he has taken sales at the company from $3bn to $40bn, with 60 percent of revenues coming from abroad. The group employs a huge workforce of 130,000 people.
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10. Sunil Mittal & Family
\nBharti Enterprises

\nSunil Mittal’s Bharti Airtel – a colossal Indian telco with major international ambitions – was heading back to growth last year. Bharti Enterprises also has interests in retail, food production, education and insurance.