Revealed: The world’s top 10 universities for producing billionaires

The elite institutions which were home to many of the world’s richest people
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Since Bill Gates stated that he dropped out of Harvard and still became a billionaire, it’s become a debate whether or not an elite-education can affect a person’s odds to becoming successful and rich.\nHowever, a recent study by wealth research company Wealth X shows you get what you pay for, with elite universities being home to many of the world’s richest people.\nAccording to David Friedman, president of Wealth-X, it might not be the education itself, it might just be the contacts one gains within these universities. He said this list “validates what we all whisper and now we know: It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know.”\nSo here is the world’s top 10 universities for billionaire alumni, according to Wealth X.
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1. Harvard University
\nNumber of billionaire alumni: 52
\nTotal wealth: $205 billion
\nThough Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg failed to finish their studies at this university, it was home to billionaires Jorge Lemann and Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin.
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2. University of Pennsylvania
\nNumber of billionaire alumni: 28
\nTotal wealth: $112 billion
\nNew York businessman Ronald Perelman got his MBA from this university. Recently, he donated $25 million to fund a Political Science and Economics Centre, called the Ronald O. Perelman, in the university.
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3. Stanford University
\nNumber of billionaire alumni: 27
\nTotal wealth: $76 billion
\nThough Google co-founder Sergey Brin is on leave from his Ph.D. studies at Stanford, he’s one example of 71 percent of billionaires from Stanford who are self-made.
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4. New York University (NYU)
\nNumber of billionaire alumni: 17
\nTotal wealth: $68 billion
\n74 percent of NYU’s billionaire alumni are self-made, that’s the same percentage as Harvard. An example of its alumni is John Paulson, who’s worth $11 billion.
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5. Columbia University
\nNumber of billionaire alumni: 15
\nTotal wealth: $96 billion
\nA good example that Columbia University creates billionaires is Warren Buffett, who graduated from there and studied under Benjamin Graham and David Dodd, the co-authors of “Security Analysis,” a famous book on value investing.
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6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
\nNumber of billionaire alumni: 15
\nTotal wealth: $114 billion
\nThough it has the lowest female representation on the list (2 percent), MIT’s billionaire alumni have an average of $7 billion each.
\nAn example of its alumni is politically active billionaire David Koch, who was his university’s basketball star and who still holds the record for points scored per game.
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7. Cornell University
\nNumber of billionaire alumni: 14
\nTotal wealth: $35 billion
\nUnlike the other universities, 23 percent of Cornell’s alumni inherited their wealth. An example of its alumni is Herbert Fisk Johnson III, who though inherited his fortune, has two master’s degrees, in engineering and physics, a Ph.D. in physics and an MBA.
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8. University of Southern California (USC)
\nNumber of billionaire alumni: 14
\nTotal wealth: $32 billion
\nStar Wars director George Lucas is one example of USC’s alumni.
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9. Yale University
\nNumber of billionaire alumni: 13
\nTotal wealth: $77 billion
\nInterestingly, three of the last four U.S presidents hold Yale degrees.
\nOne of its alumni is Stephen Schwarzman, the billionaire CEO of private equity firm Blackstone Group.
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10. University of Cambridge
\nNumber of billionaire alumni: 11
\nTotal wealth: $48 billion
\nThe last entry is the only one outside of the US. It has Beijing real-estate tycoon Zhang Xin to boast as an alumni.