Revealed: the world's top private islands for sale

It's the latest accessory for the super-rich; a private island hideway. We list 10 of the best up for sale
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Name: Alisa Craig\nSize: approx. 245 acres\nPrice: Up to £2.75m ($4.5m)\nLocation: Scotland.\n\nLying 10 miles of the shore of the Firth of Clyde, the islands includes four cottages, a ruined castle and a lighthouse built in 1883. Formed from a volcanic plug, the island extends to about 2 miles in circumference and rises to an elevation of over 1100 feet above the sea. It is also home to a 'blue hone' granite quarry, known the world over as the source of granite for curling stones.\n*All images courtesy of Vladi Private Islands
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Name: Buck Island\nSize: approx. 43 acres\nPrice: Price on request\nLocation: British Virgin Islands.\n\nBuck Island comprises approximately 43 acres, with a landbase of 1.37 acres on adjacent Tortola. The main house on Buck Island was completed in the summer of 2006 incorporating finishes to the highest standard. The island has three hills, each with 360° views and level house sites. Swimming and snorkeling can be done from the beach, whilst beach facilities include the clubhouse and sports hut. Extensive dock and marine facilities also exist on the island.
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Name: Carberry Island\nSize: approx 34 acres\nPrice: €1.25m ($1.81m)\nLocation: Ireland.\n\nLocated off the coast of Cork in Southwest Ireland near the sailing towns of Bantry and Schull, is the quiet and unspoiled island of Carberry.\nThe accommodation onshore includes a single storey stone built house with stone fireplaces, three bedrooms and a generator for power. The island is located around 70 miles from Cork Airport.
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Name: Double Island\nSize: approx 42.7 acres\nPrice: AUD8m ($8.45m)\nLocation: Australia.\n\nDouble Island is nestled offshore from Palm Cove, less than a 10-minute boat transfer from the Palm Cove jetty and 25 minutes from the Cairns International Airport. By helicopter Double Island to Cairns International Airport is just five or six minutes.\nThe resort offers the ‘Long Room’ restaurant and bar, conference facilities,\n25-metre heated resort style pool, outdoor spa, library, games room, indoor cinema, beachside gymnasium and perfectly positioned beachfront decks. There is also development approval to construct 10 architecturally designed two and three bedroom villas in strategically selected locations across the Island.
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Name: D’Arros Island\nSize: approx 670 acres\nPrice: Price on request\nLocation: Seychelles.\n\nSituated in the Amirantes Group of islands south of the main Seychelles group, D’Arros is approximately one hour by plane from the Seychelles’ main island of Mahé. Oval-shaped, it is entirely surrounded by more than 4km of white coral sand beaches. The main building and two guest cottages were built in 1978, according to the designs of French architect Jacques Couelle, who was celebrated for his work in Sardinia and other special resorts. In all, a maximum of 14 to 16 guests can be accommodated.
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Name: Illa d’en Colom\nSize: approx 58 hectares\nPrice: €5.7m ($8.2m)\nLocation: Off Menorca, Spain.\n\nThe freehold island lies 200 metres off the coast of Menorca – one of the Balearic islands – with access by boat or by helicopter. It is part of the S'Albufera des Grau National Park and boasts two beaches with a sandy southern coastline and a contrasting rugged northern area where cliffs sweep upwards and overlook the sea. There are tracks on the island, no roads. It has a well for water, but no electricity. There exists a house on the island of approximately 150m², which could be refurbished but not extended.
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Name: Isola Budelli\nSize: approx 420 acres\nPrice: €4.5m ($6.5m)\nLocation: Italy.\n\nThe island of Budelli is famous for its splendid Spiaggia Rosa (Pink Beach), one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. It boasts much foraminifera and other marine micro-organisms, which when ground by the waves and spread over the shore, give the very fine sand a particular pink shade, matching the surrounding granite rocks. The pink beach in Budelli is also shown in "Deserto rosso", a film by Michelangelo Antonioni. \nIt is a highly protected island with a coastline of nine kilometers, a surface of 1.7km² (approx. 420 acres) and is populated by wild rabbits, living mostly at the highest point Monte Budello (88 metres). \nIt is possible to rebuild the 3 existing buildings on the island but currently, no permission has been granted.
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Name: Matt Lowe’s Cay\nSize: approx\nPrice: $40m\nLocation: Bahamas.\n\nIn the 1700s, Matt Lowe’s Cay was a pirate’s treasured hideaway, with 50 acres of coconut groves, bluffs, bays and white-sand beaches. In 2001, Matt Lowe’s Cay’s came under threat. On the point of being sold to developers, it was rescued by Abaco locals Chris Thompson and David and Louise Devanney. Passionate about the cay, they made it into 'private island', for a few special residents. Just 16 waterfront home sites were created, which are available to a select few buyers.
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Name: Mouton Island\nSize: approx 988 acres\nPrice: Available on request\nLocation: Canada.\n\nSituated in the natural bay of Port Mouton, 3km from the mainland, Mouton Island covers an area of 988 acres, 75 percent of which is wooded. Some of the forest could be cleared to make space for an airstrip. White sandy beach, reminiscent of the Caribbean, makes up a third of the coastline. Mouton Island is the largest private island on the east coast of the American continent. It lies 43° north and is only 15 minutes from the town of Liverpool.
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Name: Pohuenui Island\nSize: approx 5,350acres\nPrice: €8.5m ($12.3m)\nLocation: New Zealand.\n\nPohuenui is one of the largest privately owned islands in the South Pacific and has been described as ‘the jewel in the Sounds'. It is located in Richmond Bay, in the Marlborough region at the top of the South Island of New Zealand. There is boat or air access and with water taxis taking 50 minutes to reach the island from the shore or a helicopter ride is 25 minutes from Wellington. The Pohuenui Homestead has been recently renovated into an elegant lodge with luxurious furnishings and modern fittings. The lodge offers two super king ensuite rooms which are spacious and provide glorious views overlooking Richmond Bay.