Revealed: 10 best burgers in Dubai

If you’re going to blow your diet, make sure you do it the right way
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We’ve been focusing on superfoods and health trends for quite a while now, so we thought that it’s high time we junk it out a little in celebration of the end of a long summer.While burgers have never been out of fashion, they’re trending in a whole new light right now: The interpreted version comes in the form of higher culinary pursuit and just the right mix of indulgence.
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Jones the Grocer: Jones Wagyu Burger is simply outstanding. The wagyu burger was juicy and not at all oily, while the wonderfully sweet and soft brioche bun was a great foil for the salty veal bacon. Opt for caramelised onions, which further accentuate the sweetness of the bread. Green salad added a slight crunch without taking away from the stronger flavours. Price Tag: AED69 with AED6 additional for the caramelised onions. Location: Sheikh Zayed Road.
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The Counter: One massively filling burger, moderate prices, great service and an unfathomable choice of sauces makes this the new top burger in town. Your patty can be as reasonably sized as a third ponder, or you can go crazy with their one pounder option. The menu gives you the option to order a la carte or “build your own burger”: from bun to sides. You can even build your own shake or smoothie with an aray of unique options to chose from. Only downfall is that the burger patty can be a bit on the dry side, but it’s nothing that a little sauce can’t fix. Average Price Tag: AED45 (depending on the burger you build). Location: The Beach, JBR.
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Harvesters: Order a burger and you’ll not only be asked how you want your meat cooked – you’ll also automatically be furnished with specialist cutlery for the job and the biggest selection of condiments you’ve ever seen. Their Prime Beef Burger is out of this world, paired with excellent service and surprisingly warm environment for a pub. Price Tag: AED35. Location: Crowne Plaza Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road.
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More Café: A staple in Dubai’s restaurant scene, the MORE burger is an absolute must-try. The “build your own” towering mixture of ingredients is a playful take on the classic burger, and the 220 gram beef patty is the perfect thickness that comes on their signature corn-rye bread. Price Tag: AED64. Location: Dubai Mall, fountain view.
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Shake Shack: Double Shack Stack is encased in a vague excuse for a bread bun and filled with inconceivable concoction of beef patties (two of them – we ordered a double) and fried portobello mushrooms with melted muenster cheese. There was also an inconsequential lettuce leaf and a tomato slice, as well as an almost unnoticeable dollop of ‘Shack sauce’. It was fun to eat and certainly reminiscent of a trip to New York. But, only pursue experience if you are into the greasy burger vibe. Price Tag: AED49. Location: Mall of the Emirates.
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Barasti: Their sizeable burger was served in a large, soft bap that made it all the easier to pick up (though not quite as easy to fit our mouth around). The beef patty itself was generous in size, though in spite of our requests for it to be cooked medium, it wasn’t as flavourful as its appearance suggested. On the plus side, the tomato relish was tasty, as were the accompanying curly fries and as the weather gets better, sitting outside across the beach is priceless. Price Tag: AED85. Location: Le Méridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort, Dubai Marina.
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Burger Fuel: The Hot Rod Burger is sandwiched between two halves of a more savoury, grainy bun than its rivals, the thick, generous patty was well seasoned, nicely salted and not too greasy – the bun held firm, but the burger wasn’t sloppy enough to make this a real battle. The relish was just enough to offer tangy flavour rather than an all-out soaking, and the acid heat of the jalapeños was balanced by the melted cheddar. The aïoli dip on the side was a nice, garlicky extra. Price Tag: AED32. Various locations including The Walk, JBR and the Boulevard, Downtown.
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Elevation Burger: The American chain boasts a healthier option with their organic beef pattys and olive oil cooked fries. Although neatly packaged, the burgers looked squidgy and small. But when we bit in, they were definitely highly enjoyable with good, tender beef in the patty and noticeable nicer cheddar cheese than you often find in fast food outlets. Although the fries were quite soggy and we didn’t quite get the health benefits frying in olive oil (doesn’t that kill the beneficial compounds in oil?), there was a noticeable absence of post-burger bloat which was reassuring as to their claim to fame. Tag Price: AED35-50 (depending on the number of patties you choose to stack). Location: Sheikh Zayed Road.
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Manhattan Grill: What a beast. This huge and pricey Wagyu Burger, was crammed with veal bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, tomato, lettuce and onion, plus the fattest patty we’ve ever laid eyes on. Unfortunately, the multitude of fillings was a step too far and made it difficult to make out any individual flavour. After spilling most of it down our shirt, we reverted to deconstructing the burger and eating the meat with a knife and fork. Still, it was an experience worth trying. Price Tag: AED125. Location: Grand Hyatt Dubai, Oud Metha.
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The Meat Co: From the list of five burgers, we chose the small-sized cheeseburger with lettuce, onion, tomato and relish, but there were certainly is much more decadent options. The meat was flame-grilled and served pink in the middle for maximum juiciness, as per our request. You can also pay AED12 extra to add a sauce: we chose creamy mushroom for an indulgent treat. Price Tag: AED60. Location: Souk Al Bahr, Downtown.
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