REVEALED: 15 best companies to work for in the UAE

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15. Mondelez International
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14. General Electric
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13. Merck Serono: Merck Serono UAE may have slipped from fifth place on the 2011 list to 13th this year, but its employees seem to still rate the mega pharmacy’s introduction of an ‘employee council’, where every 15 employees elect one member to be their voice to senior managers.\n\n
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12. Dulsco: Sliding into 12th spot is local firm Dulsco, whose operations span everything from waste management to HR. Employees claim they are actively listened to and they appreciate the company’s open door and ‘open office’ model. Dulsco was rated 10th in 2010 after it treated employees to monthly celebrations that spanned the entire year.\n\n
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11. PepsiCo: The international soda conglomerate is so serious about the values it promotes, including a promise to back diversity and to ‘speak with truth and candour’, it audits itself against them to check the company is hitting the mark. Company perks aren’t revealed, but we imagine they include all the soda you can drink.\n\n
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10. EMC2: Paternity leave, marriage leave, compassionate leave ... they all come voluntarily at this IT specialist. It must be appreciated by employees because they rated it highly enough to rank 10th in the UAE.\n\n chairman and CEO Rabea Ataya.jpg
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9. Bayt: may be the largest employment website in the Middle East but it aims to stop its own workers searching for new jobs by creating an employee-centric culture. staff even have access to internal sites to pitch their business ideas and share experiences.\n
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8. Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority:
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7. Omnicom Media Group:
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6. Ericsson:
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5. DHL:
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4. THE One: The Abu-Dhabi-based furniture store has been the top home-grown company for the past three years, moving up this year to fourth place. Known for its funky style, the retailer scored points for its Oneunderworld Programme, a one-on-one store village adoption program which provides villages in underdeveloped countries with healthcare services and alternative income projects. Its founder, Swedish tycoon Thomas Lundgren, said he aimed to “engage and motivate” his staff because the happier they were the happier his customers were, resulting in greater profits to help the world. \n\n
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3. FedEx: The global delivery firm’s philosophy of ‘people-service-profits’ promises to put its employees first. The approach seems to be working, with its staff ranking it highly on corporate culture and communication. FedEx also uses the Purple Promise Award to recognise a team member who goes beyond the typical expectations for his or her job to ensure the customer’s needs are met.\n\n
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2. Marriott: The hospitality group has strengthened its position in the list this year, earning points for its ‘spirit to serve’ philosophy, which says its people are its most important asset. \n\n
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1. Microsoft: The computer software giant’s continued high ranking in the UAE’s top employers list since it started in 2011 has much to do with its emphasis on work-life balance. So important is this to the company, it’s included in its charter. Among initiatives to drive trust and team spirit, employees are entitled to three days off a year to do community volunteer work.