Revealed: Dubai’s top 10 most luxurious golf properties

Villas that are surrounded by golf courses are not just for golf-lovers. They offer space, clubhouses, and green layouts, an attractive option for many
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1. Emirates Hills, L Sector: AED 175 million ($47.6 million)

\nTopping the list is this villa in luxury complex Emirates Hills. It has modern finishing, home technology that can be controlled from a smart phone, and Italian-inspired interior design. Info compiled by
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2. H Sector, Emirates Hills: AED 59 million ($16 million)

\nAnother Emirates Hills entry, this villa offers views of a large golf course. Among its interior features is marble flooring. Info compiled by
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3. R Sector, Emirates Hills: AED 49.5 million ($13.4 million)

\nAlso from the luxurious complex is this 6 bedroom villa, located on a golf course in Emirates Hills. Consequently, it has a full view of the course. Info compiled by
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4. Hattan, The Lakes: AED 20 million ($5.4 million)

\nLocated near Emirates Hills, this villa is new on the market. It has a full view of the lake in Hattan, The Lakes. Also, it looks onto a large golf course, which is lit up at night to provide for 24 hour views. Info compiled by
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5. Flame Tree Ridge, Jumeirah Golf Estates: AED 18 million ($4.9 million)

\nThis property has views of water features and a golf course. It also has a private pool and barbecue deck. Info compiled by
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6. Sienna Lakes, Jumeirah Golf Estates: AED 13.5 ($3.6 million)

\nThis villa is spread across three floors, and has views of the Championship Fire Course (golf course) and a lake. It features a large basement that can be turned into a cinema room. Info compiled by
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7. Lime Tree Valley, Jumeirah Golf Estates: AED 12 million ($3.2 million)

\nPriced at 12 million, this 5-bedroom family villa overlooks the World Championship Earth Course (golf course). It comes with a custom-made private pool, double garage, and barbecue area. Info compiled by
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8. Lime Tree Valley, Jumeirah Golf Estates: AED 11.3 million ($3 million)

\nAt number 8 is this Spanish-inspired villa. It has views of a lake and is located near a golf course. Info compiled by
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9. Lime Tree Valley, Jumeirah Golf Estates: AED 11 million ($2.9 million)

\nThis is the largest villa of its kind in the Jumeirah Golf Estates area. It overlooks the World Championships Golf Course and is decorated with neutral, earthly tones. Info compiled by
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10. Lime Tree Valley, Jumeirah Golf Estates: AED 8.75 million ($2.3 million)

\nLastly is this contemporary-inspired villa located near a golf course. It is fully furnished and features a bespoke pool and golf course views. Info compiled by