Revealed: mansions on wheels for the super-rich

With a price take of $3m, take a tour around the world's most expensive camper-van
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Just when you thought you had seen it all, the world of luxury has taken it up a notch with the development of the new 50 square meter eleMMent palazzo. Quite a step up from the age-old campervan, this “motormansion”, made by Austrian firm Marchi Mobile, is the latest must-have for super rich travelers around the globe.
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Starting at a price of approximately $3m, this luxury mobile home is the most expensive on the planet. But with all its gadgets and gizmos, it’s easy to see why. Not only does the home boast an array of remote functions and a wealth of living space, but it also guarantees added safety and 20 percent less fuel consumption than other vehicles of its kind.
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In the driver’s cabin, owners have the luxury of an electronic steering system with unique cockpit designs to choose from, such as motor sports and yachting. For night driving safety, the vehicle is also equipped with glow in the dark paint, whilst the 510bhp engine gives the 20 tonne home a top speed of 93mph.
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As for the interiors, the eleMMent palazzo may seem simplistic, but it really does have it all. The spacious lounge includes a fireplace, a 40 inch TV as well as a pop-up bar and couch liftable to bar furniture with the push of a button. Underfloor heating and party lighting are among the added extras!
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Want gadgets? The eleMMent palazzo has super noise isolation, controllable light effects due to light coating, automatic control of the entire unit, real stream video surveillance and control over all functions outside of the vehicle, as well as an integrated vehicle wash system for vehicle wash on tour and electronically controlled ceiling lighting.
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The motor-mansion also boasts a sky lounge/roof terrace with integrated floor heating, water fog system, high end multi-media system, ice-maker and bar and furniture, not to mention a pop-out living area/room extension capacity, to provide 80 per cent more living space.
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Whilst the master bedroom is complete with a 40 inch TV, the en suite wellness bathroom features a rainfall shower.
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There is also a separate toilet to accompany the large bathroom, for when guests come on board.