REVEALED: Most on-time international airlines

Arabian Business counts down the world's most punctual international airlines
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1. FlightStats has announced the winners of the FlightStats 2012 On-time Performance Service Awards. Airlines are recognised for delivering the highest percentage of flights to their arrival gates within 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time. This ranking looks at ‘Major International Airlines', those that fly a significant number of trans-oceanic or international flights spanning at least three continents with at least 30,000 flights operated annually. This year’s winner in this category was JAL, with a score of 90.35%. (Getty Images)
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2. Hot on JAL’s heels was fellow Japanese airline, ANA, with an on-time score of 88.48%. The airline also had the lowest cancellation rate amongst international airlines, just 0.22%. (Getty Images)
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3. The third most punctual international airline was SAS, with an on-time score of 87.91%. (Getty Images)
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4. KLM was the world’s fourth most punctual airline last year, with a score of 87.85%. (Getty Images)
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5. Air New Zealand scores highly in most airline surveys and was fifth in this ranking. Its on-time score last year was 87.76%. (Getty Images)
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6. It may be struggling financially, but Gulf Air leads the way for the Middle East in this ranking. It achieved an on-time score of 87.71% in 2012.
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7. Delta came in at seventh, with an on-time score of 85.95%. (Getty Images)
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8. In eighth place was Finnair, with an on-time score of 85.90%. (Getty Images)
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9. Alitalia sneaked into the top ten in ninth place, with an on-time score of 83.76%. (GettyImages)
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10. Rounding out the top ten is Lufthansa. With typical Germanic efficiency, it achieved an on-time score of 83.51%. (GettyImages)