Revealed: Saudi Arabia's super-rich

Meet Saudi Arabia's richest familes and individuals
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Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Al Saud retains his top slot on our Saudi Rich List (and indeed global Arab Rich List) with a fortune of $20.4bn\n[NOTE: For complete list of Saudi Arabia's richest individuals and families, visit -]
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2 Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber --\nWealth: $12bn -- Al Jaber is the founder, chairman & CEO of MBI International, a group of companies that today holds an asset value of around $12.5bn and boasts operations in Europe, the Middle East and the US
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3 The Olayan Family --\nWealth: $12bn --\nLast year was a brilliant year for Saudi conglomerate Olayan, owned by the Olayan family. Smart investments across a range of sectors saw the family’s coffers bulge by some $4bn, which just goes to show canny money dealings are just as effective in a downturn as in the good times\n\n\n
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4 Mohammad Al Amoudi --\nWealth: $10bn --\nAl Amoudi made his first fortune in construction and real estate before branching out into buying oil refineries in Morocco and Sweden — where he was honoured with the Royal Swedish Order of the North Star by King Carl XVI — and his native Ethiopia. Al Amoudi’s holding and operating companies, Corral Group and the Midroc Group, employ more than 40,000 people
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5 The Bin Ladin Family --\nWealth: $10bn -- The family fortune is based on a construction business that paid immense dividends when decades ago it was awarded contracts for major renovations at Mecca and other religious buildings in Saudi Arabia and abroad. Founded by Mohammed Bin Ladin, the family also built several palaces in Riyadh and Jeddah for the royal family
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9 Mubarak Al Suwaiket --\nWealth: $5bn -- One of the most respected construction empires in the KSA falls under Mubarak Al Suwaiket. With its vast experience in the construction industry, Al Suwaiket has been credited with a number of high profile projects across Saudi Arabia\n
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16 Saad Hariri -- Wealth: $4bn -- Saad Hariri no longer is the country’s prime minister. But he remains the wealthiest of the Hariri clan, he holds hefty stakes in a number of large firms. Although very active in politics, Hariri is equally known for his sharp business brain and hugely credited for the success of the company in the past decade.\n
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25 Bahaa Hariri -- Wealth: $3bn -- Bahaa Hariri resides in Geneva, and derives the bulk of his fortune from investment management. Other sectors include real estate development and logistics\n\n
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26 Adel Aujan -- Wealth: $3bn -- Not content with leading the Gulf’s biggest beverage company, Aujan Industries, the chairman of the firm has been aggressively growing his offerings to different markets. Aujan’s juice brand, Rani, is Iran’s best-selling beverage and is planning to add to its three factories by putting a facility in Iraq, politics permitting.
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19 Abdullatif Al Fozan -- Wealth: $3bn -- Established in 1960, the Al Fozan Group is considered to be one of the fastest growing companies in Saudi Arabia. Chaired by Abdullatif Al Fozan, the group has diversified interests in building materials, commercial and industrial steel, electrical and hardware items and accumulated technologies
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27 The Al Zamil Family -- Wealth: $3bn -- The Al Zamil family has seen extraordinary growth since its inception as a simple trading house in the 1930s. Today, Al Zami Group, with Chairman Abdulrahman Al Zamil, spans diversified industrial and commercial interests, making its mark on everything from air-conditioning manufacturing to food processing, steel fabrication and travel services\n
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29 Ayman Hariri -- Wealth: $3bn --The awards keep rolling in for Ayman Hariri, who collected the coveted ‘Construction Company of the Year’ for his Saudi Oger at the Arabian Business Awards in Riyadh last week. Ayman has made his mark on the telecommunications sector, having worked as an engineer at satellite consortium Intelsat, and also on a family-owned South African wireless carrier, 3C, where he remains a board member. But it’s in the field of property and real estate where he is now making waves\n
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30 Abdul Mohsen Bin Abdul Aziz Al Hokair -- Wealth: $3bn -- A true pioneer in the Saudi entertainment market, Abdul Mohsen Al Hokair is chairman of the Al Hokair Group, a company that has become synonymous with leisure in the kingdom\n