Revealed: Top 10 locations for Dubai's future mega projects

Plots currently on the market give an indication of where the next big launch could be
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1. Wafi
\nPrice: AED 980,000,000 ($266.8m)
\nSize: 500,000.00 square feet
\nAgent: Lannhill
\n“It’s got potential for anything really, because it’s just open land. You could do a shopping centre, some retail, commercial.” (Agent Gavin McNally)
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2. Palm Jumeirah
\nPrice: AED 559,390,700 ($152.3m)
\nSize: 508,537.00 square feet
\nAgent: Flying Colour Real Estate
\n“It’s only for villas. Many people are interested because Palm Jumeirah is one of the best properties in Dubai.” (Agent Dharmesh Thakur)
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3. Dubailand
\nPrice: AED 500,000,000 ($136.1m)
\nSize: 10,000,000.00 square feet
\nAgent: Reality Home Real Estate
\n“Plot available for big scale real estate development project in Dubailand,” the advertisement says.
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4. Business Bay
\nPrice: AED 420,000,000 ($114.4m)
\nSize: 1,400,000 square feet
\nAgent: Lannhill
\n“There’s been a lot of interest in that. It’s very large, very unique. There’s only four or five developers who could take that risk with that sort of size plot. It could a hotel or hotel apartments.” (Agent Gavin McNally)
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5. Palm Jumeirah
\nPrice: AED 300,000,000 ($81.7m)
\nSize: 720,000.00 square feet
\nAgent: Rocky Real Estate
\n“5-star hotel plot,” the advertisement claims.
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6. Business Bay
\nPrice: AED 250,000,000 ($68.1m)
\nSize: 900,000.00 square feet
\nAgent: FAM Properties
\n“It (has potential for) a big building up to 60 floors. It’s right on the water. There’s always interest but it’s big money, so they will not take a decision in one or two days.” (Broker Peter Sleiman)
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7. Al Marjan Island, Ras Al Khaimah
\nPrice: AED 244,638,120 ($66.6m)
\nSize: 1,063,644.00 square feet
\nAgent: Hunt & Harris Real Estate
\n“For use of hotel and residential apartments,” the advertisement says. “Views over the sea and community.”
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8. Dubai Healthcare City
\nPrice: AED 235,000,000 ($64m)
\nSize: 974,482.00 square feet
\nAgent: Metropolitan Premium Properties
\nThe site has approval for a hospital, spa and hotel, according to the advertise, which promotes it as a possible medical tourism project.
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9. Sheikh Zayed Road
\nPrice: AED 180,000,000 ($49m)
\nSize: 480,000.00 square feet
\nAgent: FAM Properties
\n“It’s a great location. There is just this one and another one only. You can see the big towers from there.” (Broker Peter Sleiman)
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10. Downtown Dubai
\nPrice: AED 145,000,000 ($39.5m)
\nSize: 500,000.00 square feet
\nAgent: FAM Properties
\n“It is for residential and commercial, it’s facing Burj Khalifa. The reason why investors choose Downtown is because you sell for AED2000-3000/sqft.” (Broker Peter Sleiman)