Revealed: Top 10 luxury concierge services

You might not have your own private island, but for the right price, you can dine on one
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Ever wanted to hop on a private jet and land straight on a remote island where you have a romantic dinner by the ocean? You actually can – not just if you’re a millionaire. Thanks to luxury concierge services, you can also have steak with David Beckham if you’d like to. We’re not saying it’s going to be cheap, but it’s going to be possible. Pure Entertainment Group, a global luxury concierge company based in Montreal, offers bespoke travel packages and premium experiences to individuals and companies. It has revealed its top 10 luxury concierge services:
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1. Dining with the Stars: If you do want to dine with a Beckham or a supermodel (such as Gig Haddid or Kendal Jenner above) or any other celebrity for that matter, you can with a price tag starting from $10,000 - depending on how popular the celebrity is.
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2. Private Island for two: For a honeymoon, one couple requested luxurious accommodation and services on a private island.
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3. Inside luxury watchmaking: Pure Entertainment offers luxury watch aficionados a chance to visit an elite watchmaker’s manufacturing facility in Switzerland to learn how renowned timepieces are created. The package also includes a chance to create a personalized timepiece from a world-famous Swiss brand.
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4. Over-the-top celebratory messages: One of the concierge firm’s clients requested a personal recorded video message from her chosen A-list celebrity – and they made it happen.
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5. The Cannes Film Festival experience: A group of 50-year old ladies asked to experience life as an A-list celebrity in Cannes. So the concierge offered them luxury penthouses overlooking the city, a dinner on a large yacht prepared by a Michelin-starred chef, a designer gown shopping experience, a celebrity makeup artist session, a private tour and casino night, a Cannes Film Festival Red-Carpet walk of fame, a Movie Premiere Screening and a celebrity after-party.
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6. Haute-Couture: The company offers custom-designed dresses, like bridal dresses, by any Haute Couture designers, including Elie Saab.
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7. Private jet party? Pure Entertainment offered a birthday boy a Boeing Business Jet flown in international air for four hours – at the cost of $110,000 – with an on board DJ before, landing in Las Vegas for after celebrations.
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8. The one million dollar experience: For one million dollars you get a trip around five continents in the most luxurious and private resorts, lodges, and villas with high-end tours and local guides. You do have to be a millionaire for this one, but it’s handy to have a concierge do all this for you nonetheless.
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9. Exclusive golf: If you’re a fan of golf, you can be flown to the largest and most exclusive golf courses around the world to experience the sport as a pro-golfer.
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10. Dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant: Restaurants like El Cellar De Can Roca has a reservation policy of six months. But with a month’s notice to the luxury concierge, you can get a table at the three-star Michelin eatery. This can be done for a price range of $100 to $250.
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