Revealed: Where you should have invested $100 in 2013

The best and worst places you could have stashed your hard-earned dough throughout the year
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Stock in Emaar Properties PJSC
$100 invested on 18 December 2012 would now be worth $202.51 now, on the back of a resurgence in Dubai's property market. This represents a return on investment of 102.51 percent.
Shares in Dubai's biggest listed real estate firm were trading at AED7.090 at the time of writing.
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Stock in Facebook Inc
\n$100 invested on 18 December 2012 would be worth $197.98 now, representing a 97.98% return on investment.
\nAt the time of writing, shares in the social networking juggernaut were trading at $54.86.
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Spot gold
\nGold proved to be a disappointing investment over the course of 2013. An investment of $100 on 18 December 2012 would now be worth just $73.68, losing 26 percent of its value.
\nAt the time of writing, the precious metal was trading for $1,232 per ounce.
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Spot silver
\nSilver would have been one of the most disappointing ways to use $100, with an investment made on 18 December 2012 now being worth just $62.94.
\nAt the time of writing, silver was trading for a less than sparkling $62.94 per ounce.
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Stock in Apple Inc
\nIt may be the most recognisable technology brand on the planet, but $100 of Apple stock on 18 December 2012 would be worth just $111.56 today.
\nAt the time of writing, the world's biggest tech firm was trading at $560.67.
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The euro
\nLove it or hate it, the euro strengthened against the US dollar over 2013, albeit only marginally. $100 worth of the current on 18 December 2012 would be worth $104.64. Not really worth bothering with, to be honest.
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Brent oil
\nHolding onto brent oil proved largely pointless during the course of 2013, with $100 worth of the black stuff on 18 December 2013 worth just $100.07 today.
\nPer barrel, prices rose marginally from $108.42 to $108.50.
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Stock in Tesla Motors
\nNow this is more like it. $100 into environmental car maker Tesla on 18 December 2012 would be worth a whopping $428.50. However, it should be noted that Tesla stock saw some pretty wild fluctuations during the course of the year
\nAt the time of writing, the company's shares were trading for $147.52.
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Microsoft Corp
\nWindows 8 may have proved to be less than a hit, but its new Xbox One video game console has been a draw with punters, shifting more than 2m units.
\nA $100 punt on the Washington tech firm on 18 December 2012 is worth $133.85 as a result.
\nShares in the company were trading at $36.89 at the time of writing.
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Mashreqbank current account
\n$100 in a Mashreq current account in December last year would today be worth... $100.
\nAs safe as houses, but surely there's better ways to invest your hard earned dough.