Six of the best cities for New Year’s Eve

Luxury concierge company Pure Entertainment Group picked locations based on the best fireworks displays
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The best part of New Years’ celebrations is probably the fireworks displayed around the world. From Sydney to Hong Kong, global cities conjure up well-planned shows for what many might call the most important night of year. But New Year celebrations are a much broader experience. For that reason, global luxury concierge company Pure Entertainment Group is offering six bespoke travel packages to see the world’s best fireworks.
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\nIt’s no secret that Dubai has gained international attention for its unique combination of minimal deserts and luxurious skyscrapers. For this city’s package experience, the day will begin with cultural activities like falconry, astronomy and a safari in the desert. The afternoon will be spent at an afternoon high-tea at the Burj Al Arab, followed by a private shopping session with a personal shopper – in a luxury car. During sunset, there will be a hot air balloon ride over the city. Lastly, the night will end with a dinner on a private yacht cruise with the fireworks as a view.
\nPrice: $15,800 (AED 58,026) for two people
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\nThe Sydney package will – funny enough - commence in Adelaide, with an Australian ‘wine and dine’ experience at the Penfolds Grange, otherwise known as one of Australia’s top wineries. From there on, a golf-course experience at a private golf club will take place in Sydney, where a limited-edition line of golf clubs will be offered. That will be followed by a private guided tour of the best beaches around the city and a private helicopter tour of the Sydney Harbour and the World Heritage status Blue Mountains. The night will then conclude with dinner aboard a private yacht overlooking the Opera House lights, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the fireworks.
\nPrice: $14,400 (AED 52,885) for two people
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Cape Town
\nIf you like adventures, this one’s for you. For New Year’s, Pure Entertainment is offering a seven day adventure package that includes shark cage diving, whale watching, three night wildlife safari package, three night stay at Mount Nelson Hotel, sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Kruger National Park, private dining experience, wine tasting, a tour of Cape Town landmarks connected to South African history, and exclusive fireworks.
\nPrice: $12,500 (AED 45,907) for two people
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Hong Kong
\nArguably Asia’s most talked-about city, Hong Kong has a lot to offer in terms of New Year celebrations. For this year, its package begins with a private harbour cruise against the backdrop of the Hong Kong Symphony of Lights show, followed by an exclusive Meet and Greet with Chinese-American actor Michael Wong alongside a private helicopter tour piloted by the celebrity. The helicopter will travel to the old city of Macau, Portugal for a private tour and fine dining experience. The package include an exclusive Tai Chi session as well as a private appointment with a celebrity makeup artists. The night will end from a private yacht or Michelin-starred table with a window view, to the skyscrapers of the island and its fireworks.
\nPrice: $12,000 (AED 44,071) for two people
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\nDespite recent instability, Paris will remain one of the world’s most iconic cities. This New Year’s, Pure Entertainment is offering an intimate look in to the world of renowned fashion designer Coco Chanel as well as her Chanel Paris stores. In addition, the package will include a Michelin-Star dining experience, a private shopping session with a Parisian haute couture and jewellery expert at high-end Fashion Houses, VIP tickets to the Opera Garnier and behind-the-scenes tour, and a private perfume workshop with a fragrance specialist. If you’re a fashionista, this is definitely the New Year experience for you – well, if you have a few thousand Euros to spend, that is.
\nPrice: €13,800 (AED 54,477) for two people
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New York City
\nThe Big Apple is undeniably the New Year choice of many a people. To make the experience as fulfilling as possible, Pure Entertainment put together a package that involves everything from VIP Tickets to a Broadway show to the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Gala. The deal also entails a Meet and Greet with the Broadway show’s cast members, a Michelin-Star dining experience, a tour of Manhattan aboard the Sikorsky s92 executive helicopter, a private shopping session with a celebrity personal shopper, and a private piano concert with a renowned pianist.
\nPrice: $14,500 (AED 53,252) for two people
Tue 17 Nov 2015 10:15 AM GST
By Lubna Hamdan