Six selfie crazes from beauty guru Huda Kattan

The Middle East’s number one beauty blogger shares her top selfie trends
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The selfie craze has not died out. If anything, it has become more advanced than ever. A selfie is no longer just ‘a photograph that one has taken of oneself.’ It now has celebrity-endorsed trends and blogger-approved names. One such blogger is globally recognised beauty guru and certified makeup artist Huda Kattan, famous for her 14 million Instagram following and even more so for her ‘flawless’ selfies which she uses to show off her makeup looks, often seen on celebrities such as Eva Longoria. We picked up on the six selfie crazes she swears by:

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T-Rex hands: Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with the actual dinosaur species, but “if you zoom out and you do it with both hands, you look kind of like a T-Rex.” Moral of the story: don’t use both hands. So what is the trend? Simply bend your hand and place it casually on your chin or hair. “Something just looks really elegant about your hand when it’s bent that way. So when you put it on your chin, on your hair… it looks good…” says Kattan. If you’re a bit confused on how to do it, refer to Kattan’s above pictured selfie.

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Side eye: “You know when you’re just looking off into the distance but you look really [attractive] doing it? That’s called side-eye. All you have to do is tilt your face slightly towards the camera and look to the side and pug your lips,” says Kattan of her second favourite selfie trend. She warns not to look too far away from the camera. “You want to look at the camera then slightly away. This will give you the perfect angle,” she says.

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The looking-down giggle: The name of this look says it all, really. And it’s probably the most natural-looking selfie of all (also recommended for the shy one out there). All you have to do is look down, put your chip up, and giggle. “You can use your T-Rex hands if you want to get fancy… And if you’re struggling with your smile, always remember, tongue at the rear of your mouth – gives you a nice, natural smile,” advises Kattan.

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The pucker: This is a tough one, because you don’t actually want to pucker your lips, according to Kattan. The way to do it is to “tilt your face towards the camera, slightly accentuate the upper lip, and then drop your bottom lip. This also goes really well with a squint – but don’t squint too much,” says Kattan.

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The perfect jaw line: Instagram bloggers seem to have the perfect jaw lines. Their secret? They don’t. They just know how to pose for the camera. Kattan says the look is done by leaning slightly to the side and then down a little. Don’t stretch out your jaw, because it shows your double chin, according to her.

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Smizing: If you’re as obsessed with modelling shows as we are, you’ll recognise the word from top model Tyra Banks’ show America’s Next Top Model. Smizing basically means ‘smiling with your eyes.’ And yes, it is as difficult as it sounds. How do you smile with your eyes? “Sometimes I try to imagine that my husband is taking [the] photo, and it makes me smize. So try to think of someone you love and imagine that they’re taking your photo. Smizing is almost like a funny squint. This works from almost any angle,” says Kattan. We’ll now leave you to practice your selfie skills. You’re welcome.

Sun 24 Jul 2016 02:48 PM GST
By Lubna Hamdan