The world's lowest and highest risk cities for employers

Arabian Business looks at some of the highest and lowest ranked cities in Aon's People Risk Index.
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In a report by Aon Corp's Aon Consulting unit, Toronto was ranked as the world's lowest risk city for recruiting, employing and relocating employees. (Getty Images/Text source: Bloomberg)
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New York was ranked second on the People Risk Index, which measures risks companies face with recruitment, employment and relocation in 90 cities worldwide. (Getty Images/Text source: Bloomberg)
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Singapore was ranked third on the list, the only Asian city in the top five. (Getty Images/Text source: Bloomberg)
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London came fourth, living up to its reputation as cosmopolitan, modern, commercial hub. (Getty Images/Text source: Bloomberg)
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Montreal rounded out the top five, giving Canada its second entry in the top, the only country to do so, thanks to its low level of corruption, strict enforcement of equal opportunity laws, health and retirement benefits and high quality and broad availability of training facilities. (Getty Images/Text source: Bloomberg)
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Dhaka, Bangladesh, was rated as one of the highest risk cities for employers, however, Rick Payne, chief research officer said that even lowest risk cities were not perfect. (Getty Images/Text source: Bloomberg)
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Phnom Penh also ranked lowly on the list, with its high levels of corruption and lack of infrastructure making employers wary of investing in the country. (Getty Images/Text source: Bloomberg)
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Lagos, the Nigerian capital was rated as one of the high risk cities, thanks to its political instability and corruption. (Getty Images/Text source: Bloomberg)
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Karachi, Pakistan, has suffered badly due to it being the target of terrorist attacks, which have scared overseas employers off. (Getty Images/Text source: Bloomberg)
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Tehran ranked the lowest in the report, making it the 'highest risk' city on the list. (Getty Images/Text source: Bloomberg)