Top apps business travellers will actually use

Think digital personal assistants for all your work-related trips
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Make your business trip as easy as possible with the following user-friendly apps. You’ll never have to struggle with foreign language menus, endless restaurant hunts or emergency disasters again.
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1. Google Translate

\n\nMany might not have heard of Google Translate’s updated app that allows for “visual translation,” which means you can point your smartphone camera at any street sign or menu and get an instant English translation on-screen. Voila!
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2. TripIt

\n\nUnorganised and always in a hurry? You’re not alone. Businesspeople know the struggle to keep up is real, especially when travel is a big part of the job. So thank heavens for TripIt. It collects all your flight details, hotel bookings and even car rental info to create a simple travel itinerary.
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3. Gas Buddy

\n\nThere are a number of unfortunate events we can think of that could happen during a business trip. Say you’re on your way to a meeting and your car that you rented to save on taxis runs out of gas. We have one word for you: disaster. Get help using Gas Buddy. The app finds the closest gas station around you and shows you ones with the cheapest fuel prices, too.
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4. GateGuru

\n\nThink pocket assistant – this app allows you to do everything from rent a car to check flight alerts. If you find yourself in an unfamiliar airport sipping on your third morning coffee without a clue where to go, GateGuru looks up nearby restaurants, stores and more to help you make the most of your time.
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5. PackPoint

\n\nUsed to cramming your suitcase with additional suits you never end up wearing? Type in your destination and watch PackPoint bring up a list of suggested items you’ll need to carry. It provides everything from essentials to clothes and gadgets.
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6. Foodspotting

\n\nThere’s nothing better than a good meal after a hectic day. Don’t stress on endless restaurant searches online. Type in your location and the cuisine you’re craving and Foodspotting finds you a number of recommendations – visual ones for that matter – as well as reviews from users of the app.
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7. Red Panic Button

\n\nLost in an unfamiliar city? By pushing a red button on screen, you allow this app to ssend your GPS coordinates and a link to Google Maps (by SMS or email) to a previously selected contact list. It even has an option to post the same links to your social media accounts on Facebook or Twitter.
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8. Emergency

\n\nWhat’s 911 in Germany? We don’t know either. That’s why apps like Emergency are essential while travelling abroad on business (or pleasure, for that matter). It provides important emergency numbers such as police, fire department or hospitals, for any country you are in.
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By Lubna Hamdan