Top places to celebrate New Year's eve

A list of the best destinations for travellers keen to find fun out of town on Dec 31
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Dubai's Burj Khalifa will host the world’s highest fireworks display this New Year’s Eve when the the 828m-tall tower is lit up at a spectacular event to usher in 2011 (ITP Images)
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But if you plan to travel outside the Gulf region this holiday season, here's a list of New Year's top destinations for travellers keen to find fun out of town:\n\n(Text source: Reuters; Images: ITP Images)
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Times Square, New York City:\n\nThe big ball descending in Times Square is watched by a million people in person, and a billion more around the world. Star-studded musical performances, pyrotechnics and myriad clubs in close proximity make this as big a party as they come (Text source: Reuters; Images: Getty Images)
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Sydney Harbour, Sydney, Australia: \n\nWith a midnight fireworks display witnessed all around the world, the 'Harbour of Light' parade and plenty of drinking establishments combine to make this a world famous event. It starts at 1 pm, with the first firing of the harbour cannon, and goes on into the early hours of Jan 1 (Text source: Reuters; Images: Getty Images)
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The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin:\n\nOver a million people gather for this overwhelming celebration, with a massive fireworks display, music, dancing, light shows and international food stands. Behind the Brandenburg Gate is the 'Party Mile'. The name says it all (Text source: Reuters; Images: Getty Images)
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Shibuya, Tokyo:\n\nAs the heart of the entertainment district, Shibuya is unquestionably the party heartland of Tokyo. But for a more traditional Japanese New Year, check out the shrine of Meiji Jingu (pictured), where thousands of Tokyo residents gather at New Year's Eve. It's within walking distance, or a short train ride, of Shibuya (Text source: Reuters; Images: Getty Images)
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London Eye fireworks display, London:\n\nAlmost one million people attended last year's fireworks display, which was watched by millions more via television globally. And where better to spend New Year than London, home of Greenwich Mean Time, and therefore the epicentre of international timekeeping (Text source: Reuters; Images: Getty Images)
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Central World or Sanam Luang, Bangkok:\n\nBangkok is unique, as it celebrates New Year three times every year between January and April -- Western, Chinese and Thai. Central World explodes with concerts and food stalls, while Sanam Luang, located opposite the Grand Palace (pictured), has an authentically Thai experience with traditional food, music and dancers (Text source: Reuters; Images: Getty Images)
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Champs-Elysees, Paris:\n\nFrom around 9 pm, this is the place to be in Paris. From here, you can get a great view of the Eiffel Tower being turned into a giant pyrotechnic display, as well as the inevitable fireworks show. With an atmosphere described as 'bon enfant' (harmless) it's going to be a typically refined celebration by the French (Text source: Reuters; Images: Getty Images)
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Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas:\n\nThe strip is pedestrianised for a massive party, complete with fireworks, sound and light shows. Hundreds of thousands of revellers turn up in the evening, and you can be sure the party is going to get a little crazy. And at midnight, a massive fireworks display will grab your attention (Text source: Reuters; Images: Getty Images)
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Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro:\n\nAs something memorable, a New Year's Eve beach party in Brazil is hard to beat: fireworks, a carnival atmosphere and an incredible setting. Over two million people turn up along the four km of sand, making this the ultimate New Year's party, which you simply mustn't miss (Text source: Reuters; Images: Getty Images)