Top ten places to work in the UAE

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'FedEx uses the Purple Promise Award (PPA) which recognises a team member who goes beyond the typical expectations for his or her job to ensure the customer’s needs are met.'
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'While Microsoft has a business focused culture, it also works to create a sense of work/life balance.'
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'Employees at Marriott benefit from a culture of appreciation.'
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'Employees at PepsiCo benefit during welcoming from an assigned “functional onboarding coach” and a culture coach.'
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'The One founder Thomas Lundgren. The retailer set up THE Onederworld - a Sustainable Village Community programme with balanced quality education at its heart.'
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'Elie Khouri, CEO of Omnicom Media Group MENA. The Circle of Excellence is the OMG forum for thinking outside the box.'
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'Merck has developed an “Employee Council” where every 15 employees elect one member to be their voice to senior managers.' chairman and CEO Rabea Ataya.jpg
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' chairman and CEO Rabea Ataya. Bayt works hard at creating an employee-centric culture.'
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'Prakash Mahadalkar, Managing Director, Dulsco. The company actively listens to employees and its open door and ‘open office’ model facilitates two way communication.'
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'EMC grants paternity leave, marriage leave, compassionate leave, even though it is not required to do so by labour law.'